Agnya Chakra                                                                  

"The sixth center is called Agnya Chakra and has only two petals. This is the center placed where the two optic nerves cross each other in the brain (optic chiasm). The center caters for pituitary and pineal body which manifest the two institutions of ego and superego within us."

                                --H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Agnya Chakra is situated in the center of the brain area, and represents the sixth stage of human evolution. We can identify its position as the middle point of the forehead. The Agnya Chakra is the gateway to the Sahasrara Chakra, the Kingdom of God.


This is the place of Lord Jesus and Mary. Jesus said that He is the Path, and it is His Path that leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Sahasrara.


At this point in our evolution humans have developed a sophisticated society, and with it came the problem of ego the idea that he is doing it all. This idea of "I"-ness was accelerated by the continuing success of his material gains throughout history. The natural result of this brought about an inflated ego, and with further arrogance came the superego. So ego and superego isolated the human from Spirit.

The ego and superego are located at the uppermost endpoints of the channels of Ida Nadi (the Moon Line or Left Channel) and Pingala Nadi (the Sun Line or Right Channel). These two channels cross over at the Agnya Chakra. Everything related to the past (such as memories, conditionings and emotions) accumulates as a residue in the Superego on the right side of the brain, having crossed over from the Left Channel. Everything relating to the future (such as thinking, planning and action) likewise accumulates as a residue, but in the ego on the left side of the brain. Therefore, before Self-Realization we are always in various stages of imbalance.

The Ego and Superego border the outlying regions of the subtle universe. The Superego is in the individual Subconscious realm where all of our past knowledge and experience are stored. Beyond this is the Collective Subconscious, which is the area where spiritualists and mediums ply their trade of the past. The Ego is in the individual Super conscious, the realm of the future. It is in the Collective Supraconscious that clairvoyants, visionaries and seekers of power conduct their business of the future. Exploration of any of these realms is extremely dangerous.

Gross Physical Aspect

Amongst other things, the Agnya Chakra governs our sight. We should therefore respect the eyes as a gift with which the beauty of the Divine creation is revealed to us. We should not abuse it by having adulterous eyes.

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